The recently launched site for Elevated Interest has a high flying theme that is meant to inspire imagination as well as being representative of increasing our client’s brand interest. The name ‘Elevated Interest’ was an easy choice, it represents both our ideals as an agency and the perspective of the end user of a product or service.

This is our first post, so I will explain why this resonates with us.

It starts by asking why. Many designers and developers don’t ask it often enough. Why should anyone care to invest their time, money or interest in a product or service?

Taking the time to understand why leads to answers of how to elevate interest in users, making the coveted conversions that much easier.

The answers to ‘why’ is often linked to identifying pain points and pleasure triggers in customers or users of a product.

If you can identify specific pain points (costly or slow process, inefficiencies, bad health, etc.) and show how your product or service eliminates or reduces them, you will create elevated interest.

Find the pleasure triggers (more time, looking good, eating great food, etc.) and how a product or service can provide that reality, then you can elevate interest.

At the same time ‘Elevated Interest’ is directly linked to how we feel as creators of designs and technology. It’s a crucial foundation to our outlook and process. Take the time to ask the right questions the how is revealed.