Social Contests
& Games

People love to play social games. Give them a chance to win something and they do the craziest things. Things like sharing your fun games or social contests with their friends, and coming back repeatedly to participate.  It’s a concept called Gamification. By creating engaging and fun content with rewards, people will keep coming back. Your amazing content will spread like viral wildfire!

Game Design Reel

Insta’Smile Contest


2000 Flushes Contest

2000 Flushes Social Contests

Spaced Out Game

Spaced Out Social Game

Rocky Road Game

Toads Rocky Road Social Games

Geography Game

Word Bot Geography Social Games

Galactic Blasters Game

Galactic Glob Blasters Social Games

Super Hangman Game

Super Hangman Social Games

Suspect Lineup Game

Suspect Lineup Social Games

Word Safari Game

Wacky Word Safari Social Games

Vampire Game

Whack a Vampire Social Games

Safe Heist Game

Safe Heist Social Games

Pirate Treasure Game

Pirate Adventure Social Games

Miniature Golf Game

Miniature Golf Game

Mech Warrior Game

Mech Warrior Game

Mayan Mask Game

Mayan Mask Mischief Game

Lil Larry’s Leopardy

Lil Larry

Fishing Game

Fishing & Treasure Hunt Game

Dino Egg Swap Game

Dino Egg Swap Game

Bugz N Bubbles Game

Bugz N Bubbles Game

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